Catwalk, showroom and Virtual Reality

In VirtualSoft, we have developed a Virtual Reality Application for the presentation of fashion collections, virtual catwalk and showroom.

Virtual Reality in fashion industry

On May 4, the MET Gala (Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual fashion gala in New York), held since 1948, took place this year for the first time as a virtual event.

The fashion industry has always been one of the sectors that has most quickly embraced new technologies to incorporate them into its way of working, and a novelty takes little time to become an everyday occurrence.

Although the fashion industry already discovered virtual reality 5 years ago, one of the first brands to put the Oculus glasses on its customers was DIOR itself. This year, due to the world health crisis of the Covid-19, virtual reality is on everyone’s lips, mentioned daily as a life jacket by companies, and not only by those dedicated to fashion.

GVB By Aitana project

When the Media devote dozens of pages to announce the following cultural events organized thanks to Virtual Reality, in VirtualSoft we have just created a fashion showroom and virtual catwalk application. This project was developed together with the young clothing brand GVB By Aitana, which presents its collection with our VR application in New York the same week that the fashion world celebrates the MET Gala for the first time in a virtual way.

GVB By Aitana, decided to develop this project and put itself in the hands of VirtualSoft to launch the Virtual Reality Application just 2 months before the whole world of immersive technologies became so necessary for the business panorama, given this situation of social isolation.

The reason for starting this adventure with us had a much more independent, practical and artistic origin, because the fashion world knows how to value a dream, and make use of the latest technologies to make it come true. A dream which for its real birth requires: a vision without limits, a team of fashion professionals, 3D, VR and a some time.

Colección GVB By Aitana


This VR application is now available for any company that wishes to present its collection in a virtual environment. The virtual reality opens for you the possibility of creating your 3D clothes and present your collection anywhere in the world, in an environment completely to your choice, without limitations of time or place.

With the 3D scanning possibilities you can see every last thread of the fabric of the clothes, see its natural colour, convert it from a mobile model to a window mannequin or join the idea of virtual showroom with the catwalk recorded with the camera and transport it to the environment designed by you – the Wonderland, or a street in Paris from the most famous time of Montmartre, a paradisiacal place or in the middle of the Sahara desert, everything to your complete choice.

There are no restrictions on the transport of your collection, no organisation of casting and organisation of the catwalk, which requires a high cost, and everything to be done just once. Until now, everyone who could not see the catwalk, had only a photographic documentation or a video incomparable with the possibility of seeing face to face the models parading.

Thanks to our application, everything is different: present your collection anywhere in the world simultaneously, let your imagination run wild and jump on the virtual reality bandwagon. You could be a pioneer in an industry that will undoubtedly lead the way in the coming years.

Make your dream come true without any limits, “let’s make it real”. 

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