VIRTUALSOFT VR project: A change in the fashion industry

Discover how a spanish technology company is helping the fashion industry against Covid19.


In the last few weeks, we have been experiencing an unparalleled change in our society. The Covid-19 has made us stop and reflect on how we have done things so far, and most importantly, how we will do them in the future. One of the business activities most affected are those involving the public events, presentations, inaugurations, fairs, etc. Since the Covid-19 appeared, we have seen how everything has been cancelled. Companies must find alternatives to continue with their professional activities and find an urgent solution.

The fashion industry is not far behind, and those who know how to adapt to uncertain situations are leading this sector, which is demanding so many changes.

That will be possible by investing in immersive technologies, which are providing so many opportunities right now, to each sector. This situation does not seem to change in the coming months, so we can say with certainty that the future has come hand in hand with virtual reality.


GVB By Aitana is an innovative project in its sector (and adaptable to any other) carried out by the company VirtualSoft Studios, which has been able to use immersive technologies, such as virtual reality and augmented reality, in the fashion industry.

The project consists of: on the one hand, a fashion catwalk, and on the other, a showroom. All this within an immersive virtual reality experience.

It has been made possible thanks to a 3D scan with state-of-the-art technology of the collection designed by “GVB By Aitana” and a chroma shot with cameras and cinematographic optics, to then integrate everything into a digital environment that will allow the experience to be enjoyed using the Oculus Quest VR glasses.

The user will be able to interact with the mannequins and 3D models, being able to check the quality and details of the clothes with total realism. This means a change in the way we will enjoy the world of fashion that was unthinkable until now. How will you appreciate the quality of the design without having it in front of your eyes? Well, once again, immersive technologies tell us that this is already possible.

This project of VistualSoft Studios, which is completely adaptable to other companies, is an opportunity to redefine the fashion industry, as well as to build a sustainable future for this sector. When this crisis is over, immersive technologies will be part of our daily professional life, achieving a symbiosis between the real and the virtual world.

What other industries can benefit from this technology? Or rather, which industry will risk not having this technology implemented when everyone will be using it?

VirtualSoft has it clear, the future is virtual.

Let’s make it real.

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