Virtual Reality Application for the Fashion Industry

Aitana GvB


Mayo 2020




Virtual Reality Application for the Fashion Industry, or Virtual Fashion, is a product designed to meet the needs of all those companies that wish to incorporate their fashion collection into the virtual world, and forget about the obstacles that the physical world poses.

An exciting way to experience the clothes, understand them and become attached to them without ever have worn them. A 360º catwalk and a virtual showroom where you can appreciate your collection in realistic quality. Each look has different music and surrounding images to enhance the storyline’s atmosphere behind each one.

It works thanks to a 3D scan of your collection, for later chroma-key recording with cameras from cinematographic opticians, and then integrating it all into a digital environment that will allow you to enjoy the experience using virtual reality glasses.

Thanks to this Virtual Reality Application, you have no restrictions on physical locations, now anyone from anywhere in the world can enjoy your collection. Forget about the costs of casting organizations, catwalks, and maximize the investment thanks to the possibility of enjoying the show over and over again.

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